High Hopes of Future Published Art!

  Hey all!  It has been a long time since I submitted art for publishing. Life has been extremely unpredictable ( more so than normal!) the past two years. I am finally getting back to doing what I enjoy. I have returned to sketching, watercolor and still working in mixed media.  My little studio area is more organized than any I have ever had, so, time to
begin submitting!  I love Cloth Paper Scissors and Stampington's magazines. 
  I hope to submit a dozen pieces this year.  I began with one last month- Cloth Paper Scissors' Reader's Challenge: Zentangle Jewelry. Just so happens that I had done several large Zentangle pieces just before discovering this challenge:

How perfect- the timing was impeccable! I was already warmed up! This process usually makes me nervous, but this time I wasn't!
  So, with great excitement, and better confidence than usual due to hours of practice,
I played around and made the "Life Seasons" Zentangle Mini Book Necklace:

I sent it off with a hope and a prayer and then checked the blog for the announcement. 
   I was really happy to see my name on the list!   Yippee!

  Now to see if it actually makes the publishing!  :)