Today is a tongue in cheek kind of post!  Last night I decided to do a page in my Journaling Bible. I had made an image transfer of the word "expectancy" from my recent collection

   The image came out clearly. I chose Hebrews 11. I do a lot of sketching, painting in my Journaling Bible. But this time I felt more like an art journal style. 

 Was I in for a surprise!

    I applied some color, yellow- and then the gel medium to adhere the transfer. It went on well. At first.
    Then a HUGE Palmetto bug ( its like a roach on steroids- they creep into your home in the warm months and you fight them all season here in the Carolinas) climbed up my leg and startled me!

 It caused me to bump the adhering image, and spill paint!  ARRRRGH  &  AAAAACK!  I thought, ok, let's see what can be done. I tried to smooth it out, but the image edges were already ruined.  Image result for sad smiley face  NOT what I expected! ;)
   Then I added some blue and green with my Gelatos. Easy.
 I wanted just a "touch" - a spatter of red. I grabbed my Liquitex Spray paint- it's a cute little sample of red. I have used it many times with great effect and been pleased. But not this time! This time it just sprayed in EVERY direction, covering my table and a good deal of the page!  Aaaaack! Sigh.
I didn't even want to finish it. Then I didn't want to put my name on it!
       Is this what I want in my portfolio, let alone my Bible?!!!
                         (yeah, I know, but I am being transparent here! ;)

    Then I had to laugh!

 Life is like this page. The whole intent of the passage is living by faith, being joyful in hope- not by what you see! 

    It became like an object lesson!  A vivid ( MUCH more vivid than I expected!) example of how no matter what it looks like, and no matter what you thought it would be, God still is large and in charge and will bring beauty out of any mess if we in humility  turn to Him! Not only that, but He puts His name on us!!! We are part of His grand portfolio!!!!

AmAzInG truth!  Great reminder of His great love!
        What are YOU expecting today? !  You might just be surprised, pleasantly!