Artist Statement & Bio

    The young child curiously picks up the bread ties, turning them round and bending them over, under; twisting them until they take the shape of a house, complete with a door. A cricket jumps from the back steps into a muddy puddle and instantly the child moves to transform the wet, sticky substance into an imagined delicacy embellished with grass and tiny flowers- a tiny work of art though inedible, this pie is fit for her showcase!

    These are my earliest memories of creating.  My mother and husband state that I have to embellish everything, I just can't leave it bare. This is partially true, but I take exception to attempts to improve upon the natural beauty provided by The Master Artist!
  Creating has always seemed a very natural,  integral part of who I am, like breathing in the appreciation of life and exhaling my comments in vibrant colors.  Jewel tones seem to dominate my work and to me that befits a tribute to my King, the One who altered my heART and gives me reason to live, no, to thrive regardless of the dark shadows which may at times hover over me, I still see light and a reason to praise from His presence within.

 Sketching is my way of meditating, and painting in watercolor, acrylics or ink is my celebration of my altered life.
Altered art appeals to me because it reflects the work He is constantly doing on the canvas of my life;  taking something old and giving new purpose- showing a fresh point of view.  As long as I remain tuned in to Him, I will never want for inspiration, subject matter
 nor media to express it. Altered and Mixed media are my preference because of the diversity and limitless possibilities.I enjoy seeing something beautiful in the discarded and giving new life to what has been broken or overlooked.
Beauty for ashes, and strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair- that is what He has given me, and expressing through art brings it full circle.
I believe that we were created in the image of The Creator,
 thus each one has a deposit of that creativity within. He has altered, and continues to alter my life with His Grace, Mercy and Guidance.
 It is up to us to discover the manner in which that creativity is expressed.
Some may be musicians, or fine artists while others streamline everyday tasks with imaginative means in organization.
Whatever your expression is, it is my hope that something touches your heart in a way that also alters you in a positive way!