Steps in the Journaling Bible Journey : An Ear to Hear His Inspiration

  An Ear to Hear : His Inspiration

So, you are going to begin your Journey of Bible Journaling.  Hooray for you!!!
  It is exciting!
But then, it can be a nervous time.

 Where do you begin?

How do you know just what to start with?

Not supplies, I mean, how do you actually begin to journal, to create in/with your Bible? 

Though I had creatively journaled for some time in notebooks, journals and even a few Bibles, I only began with a dedicated Bible last Fall. I was surprised to find myself asking the same questions above. Where, how do I begin?
  Once I decided that this is still a Bible and the Bible's purpose is to be a conduit for communication between God and myself, I relaxed. Then I took it to my prayer time, and allowed the Holy Spirit to gently lead me to a passage. Now, if you are following a specific study, that is different, in that you already have a passage to concentrate upon. But, the way to begin is the same. It comes by having an ear to hear.
  For decades, the Lord has been faithful to  give "Holy Spirit Highlights" as I read!  What I  mean by this is that a portion of a long passage- maybe several verses, maybe one verse or even a few words will seem to stand out- to be touched by His highlighter-  to me.  Like a passage seems to almost  lift up off the page in block letters:

I know that is the Lord letting me know to focus,  study and meditate upon those.
    My husband and I have a custom of starting the day getting our "Op Orders"
( Operation Orders).   As an Army veteran, he spent years doing this- the troops would get a briefing at the start of the day, and then are given their day's assignment for the overall mission. These highlights  are like that-they are  my "op orders".

  The same is true for you. You can know what is on the Father's heart if you ask. :)  He speaks to your heart, and through His word, and the two will agree.   You need not fear hearing His voice ( usually a whisper or a nudge like a thought- a word or phrase that keeps coming back to you through the hour or day...) if it aligns with His written word.

Allow me to share my journey:

My very first page was on my Birthday. I was in prayer and I heard the Lord whisper "Psalm 87."   I turned to it and read. I have always had a heart for Jerusalem and Israel. Since age 11 I have wanted to visit the Holy Land.  So this psalm stirred things in me immediately. But they were not HIS inspiration.  I read on. Finally, near the end of the passage, Verse 4 states:

"Among those who know me I mention Rahab and Babylon, behold, Philistia and Tyre, with Cush---'this one was born there', they say. And of Zion it shall be said,  'This one and that one were born in her '; for the Most High Himself will establish her. The Lord records as He registers the peoples, 'this one was born there'. Singers and dancers alike say 'All my springs are in you.' "   
   A declaration and a  promise are in this passage.  "This one was born IN her." >> As Believers we are born into the Kingdom.  That is a declaration.  "The Most High Himself will establish her" is the promise. I've been in a season of waiting. Now, on my birthday, the Lord led me to a passage about being born into a place, with a promise of His establishing  me to come.  Only He could do that!
  The more you read, the more you absorb and as you absorb you will begin to know His voice and His direction. What great comfort there is in His direction. Regardless of all that is around us, we can rest upon His Word, both the Logos (written) and the Rhema;( whispered)    :)