SERENDIPITOUS Grand Opening of the Art Market!

    A Grand Opening of any business venture brings expectations. It became clear early on that today was not about money.

 4 serendipitous  events occured; each which on its own could seem simple, but together they gave me a small sense of the day's purpose.
    As we set up we all wondered what kind of crowd we would draw. I was expecting greater numbers of people, silly me! 
Numbers aren't what makes an event successful, not numbers alone.
                         WHOM  is  in those numbers does effect the outcome!

1. A pair of ladies came to my booth and asked about my classes.
I told them the information could be found via Facebook or my blog here.
I do have some classes planned this year. I just was surprised to be asked
about it right out of the blue!

if I would be interested in hosting a class for a ladies' night out 
type function. I said it sounded intriguing and they took my card. 
I look forward to hearing from them. Now I am really curious as to 
why teaching classes keeps randomly being broached!  
3.It was a pleasure to have 2 friends stop by as well.
I didn't expect to have a sale from them, but was really 
surprised to hear that the painting was going to be 
part of a set at local Channel 7 (CBS). Cool!

 I continued working on Say Yes to the Dance" during a
lull in patrons.  My concentration was interrupted
by a man asking me why I had a key in the display.
I asked "what key?" 

 "This one", he replied.
 I said "because it 
is unique and I like it."
He then shared "My wife has colon cancer
and this is the color used to represent colon cancer."
I told him to please take the key. He didn't. But he 
didn't leave either.  After a few minutes his wife joined him. 
I took the key and a "This is Why " card 

and gave it to him.
He gave it to his wife: she looked at the key, read the card and said
Thank you.

  The change in her countenance was apparent. 
THAT was worth more than any sale. 

 { I really had not intentionally
included the key- it just was thrown in during loading.}
HE holds the keys!