Serendipity and 2014!

                   Mixed  Media Goodness fills the first month of this new year!

My word for this year is "Serendipity" ; unexpected discoveries, 
surprises.  Already that has proven to be true!
I was enjoying  a few moments  browsing online one afternoon
and stumbled across a post about a new Artist Market 
that was opening up in my city! Cool, huh? 
 Well, I kept reading and discovered ( see?!) they 
were taking applications!   EVEN COOLER!
I applied, and YES! I was accepted.  The canvas above (when finished) 
will debut at the market on February 1st!  wooo hooooooo!
This is the design for my booth sign:
 In keeping with surprising discoveries- I made this for
our daughter. There is a LOT of symbolism here for her.
It was a ton of fun to make, and she is so worthy of the
time invested. :) ♥

LOVE these mini canvases, don't you?!

I will be sure to post photos of the set up and Grand Opening day!  
Hope today is a peaceful and blessed day for you!