I Am Beautiful- Healing HeARTs

 This mixed media piece is on heavy watercolor paper. Misted with inks first,
 then  a strip of patterned duct tape is applied to the right edge.

Here are some step by step photos of the process:

Using gel medium, torn strips from previous backgrounds
were applied to the left side and bottom of piece.

A silhouette was drawn on the back of patterned paper.
Using a clean, dampened brush, I traced the outline with
water, to ease the tearing process. 
Tearing the paper
instead of cutting makes blending
 into the background much easier. 

Gel medium again used to adhere the
silhouette and secret texture. 

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is, you can win my next workshop!
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A strip of patterned duct tape
was applied to the right edge.

Torn strips of pre-painted paper were
adhered to the left side and bottom edges.
The next step is really fun!  
Sometimes I use stencils, 
and other times-

like this one, I use pieces of cutout paper
as stencils and layer gesso over them. 

This gives a raised texture.
After the gesso is fully dried, (it will no longer be shiny)
 the area can be painted. Here I am using

Details added with gold gel pen by Pentel.
Add definition, 3 sticker letters,  then some doodles, outlining with white Kooh i noor pencils
 and  charcoal.
 A stamp here and there,  journaling  and complete!