Peace of Mind On the Line

Finished up a Mixed Media piece:

We ( my husband and I) are in a stage of expectancy; waiting for the final dotting of the "i"s and crossing of "t"s to end this season.
 We know it is imminent, we have others confirming that, and even impressions from the Lord that "it is very near", just rest and "be My kids".
     Wow!- after seven years of battling, tripping, stumblinggettingbackuponyourfeetagain  
to "stand" after having done all- this is welcome news!
 We can't always see what God has been arranging "behind the scenes".
 But take it from a member of the Int'l. Thespians- the actors are prepared, lines and movement rehearsed, and when they come from back stage and pass in  front of the curtain, all will see the months of work that went before that moment!
    So if you are in a time of uncertainty, confusion, or even doubt, lift up your eyes- He IS there! And HE IS working!
Psalm 121