Mixed Media Play! Stitched Coiled Basket

 Beginning the walls of the bowl...
This was an experiment that was a success!
I was notcertain this could be done
with my simple Brother machine. It was tricky at first
to get the stitching right. It went all over the place!
 And I thought I would need
to be careful about what color thread I used.
But if the piece is to be dyed, it really doesn't matter.
 You can scarcely make out the thread color!

I finished it off with a polymer clay medallion rubbed with
copper dust. :)

The rest of the session was experimenting with fabric beads. They are made
in the same way as paper beads. I don't care for the paper ones at all. I just
don't like the appearance of them. ( Light colored one on the left) I do like
very much the variance and texture of the fabric beads.

 I tested three waysof sealing/varnishing them.
 I left the one on the top left unsealed. 
I think that is the way to go for me. The gel medium keeps the bead
firm and holds the fibers; so I don't think they need to be varnished 
like paper beads can be. 
Special thanks to my "cuzzie" for volunteering to be
a drying stand! LOL!

I will be making more fabric beads next week with my Mom.
I am taking my art bag up to Indiana!!! :D
I will post photos and a brief tutorial of  our bead making session
 in my next post here.