More Prophetic Art

This past Sunday was my turn at the easel at Restoration Church.
This kind of creating is different- as you are mostly standing in the dark ( every artist knows you want/need the best lighting possible) and the time allotted is 10-13 minutes, lol!  Preparing for this time around was a fight.
I had some Inktense Blocks I wanted to give a go there, so I bought one sheet of watercolor paper. I have used them on my wtrclr pads, but if the art is to minister to anyone, it must be seen, thus the bigger sheet.  I treated it as I have any other wtrclr paper for over 30 years. And it buckled badly. I tried retreating and it was worse!! Never had this experience, must be the grade of paper, though I can say that I have purchased this and used it several times before. Mystery!  I didn't want to use the only blank canvas I have available, and it was Saturday evening, and getting more paper was not an option.  What to do??!!  I had a tinted paper that was the same size as the watercolor sheet, but it definitely would not support any wet media.  PUH!   I don't care for pastels in anything but art journals. I was not happy to have to go that route.
I packed up my bag and set the tinted paper with it, ready to go Sunday AM.

 The verse that came to me was Habakkuk 3 :19- The Lord is my Strength! He makes My Feet like hind's feet to walk on the high places."
So, this is the sketch that came out of that brief worship time, and amazingly, I am happy with it. What great things can take place when we
admit our lack and lean on His strength!
The bare feet: our vulnerability
Dry land: the desert that sometimes is our soul
High places- in scripture, these are places of worship- either to the Lord, or dedicated to the enemy. Either way, we are enabled to walk amongst them, and THROUGH them by His strength!