Altered Inspiration!

My husband and I love to make regular jaunts to the local Goodwill store. For me it is quite a scavenger hunt!
 I have several interesting pieces that were garnered there
 and have been waiting on my shelf to see
what they shall become. Here are two:
While working online this morning, I suddenly knew
 what I was going 
to do with the clock. 
I don't want another clock,
 but if you turn it around
it is a totally different object! With the Christmas
season having begun, I thought of a particular Bible verse
and whallah!- the project was born!

The little door in the back-originally
for access to clock battery-when 
raised makes the perfect setting for
an assemblage!
As you can see, I gave it a base coat of blue, 
but you can be sure it won't stay that way! 
Be watching for updates!